Thursday, August 26, 2021

Best Mobile Under 14000₹ in 2021 | REDMI NOTE 10

Best Mobile Under 14000 in 2021 | REDMI NOTE 10

REDMI NOTE 10 is designed by “XIAOMI”

REDMI NOTE 10 was launched in India on MARCH 4th 2021

Hear we have two different models in REDMI NOTE 10                                                 

      1.  4 GB ram with 64 GB storage

      2.  6 GB ram with 128 GB storage .

We are also having three different colors in this series 

       1 )  Shadow Black (Onyx gray)

       2)  Frost White (Pebble white)

       3)  Aqua Green (Lake Green)

Now let's look into the specifications of REDMI NOTE 10 

    OS - Android 

    RAM - 4 GB

    Dimensions - 16*0.8*7.5CM  

    Weight - 179 grams 

    Wireless communication technologies - Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

    Display technology - FHD+

    Color displayed - 20:9 Aspect Ratio

    Other display features - wireless 

    Device interface-primary - touchscreen

   Other camera features :

    Triple rear (48MP+8MP+2MP),13MP front camera,48Mp

    Battery power rating - 5000

    Some additional features about REDMI NOTE 10

    Dimensions : 

       Product depth(cm)- 0.83

       Product height(cm)-16.05

       Product width(cm)-745

     Memory and Storage 

           Memory- 64 GB

           Ram capacity- 4 GB 

           Memory card support- Yes 

           Expandable memory- 512  GB 

            Memory card type- Micro SD


 REDMI NOTE 10 is highly rated for its design and camera. 

 Its classic look and slim design have been the selling point for this phone.

 It has a micros card slot, headphone jack, and USD type-c.

 You can click pictures more of your surroundings with the ultra-wide-angle camera.

 It covers a wide area and gives the viewer a complete impression of the capture.

 Opt for ultra-wide-angle camera to capture more of your surroundings.

 They provided as mi-remote. 

 It has a battery with 5000 MAH battery with fast charging 100%in 74 minutes  

 The fingerprint sensor was designed  into the power button on the right side.

 The REDMI NOTE 10 is  easier to handle than the REDMI NOTE 9,but also pretty convenient     over all, considering its features and price. 

Why should a customer buy this product?

 The main reason to buy this product is display. And stereo speakers at low cost we are getting this product with more benefits

It doesn’t provide us 108MP camera or 120HZ  refresh. But it has more offers, solid features. And it doesn’t matter the most to budget segment buyer. REDMI NOTE 10 has a big battery, fast charging

The most inbuilt features of REDMI NOTE 10 


Coming into the display system “Full HD+ Super AMOLED” display. We don’t have a notification light. Sunlight visibility was also so good.  It's good to see HD quality video. REDMI NOTE  10 was designed differently from REDMI NOTE series. 

They provided us, stereo speakers, as they mentioned in the design. One stereo speakers was embedded at the bottom and the other one is on the top .there quality was good, but it’s ok for their budget. It has a comfort handy feature, and it’s lightweight. It was inbuilt with SNAPDRAGON it was the first mobile launched with this specification.

It’s good for daily users and to do multitask they don’t face any problem, and it’s not suitable for heavy gaming 

Now let's look into the specifications of REDMI NOTE 10 with 6 GB ram with 128 GB storage

There is not much difference between these two just the only difference is storage and RAM other all specifications are the same. And this 128 GB was very useful to students because they store more files.

Camera quality REDMI NOTE 10 has a better performance in the camera. 

1) 48MP primary camera 

2) 8MP wide-angle 

3) 2MP Macro sensor 

4) 2MP depth sensor. 

The main camera gives better performance in daylight but in low light, the performance is not better, but its ok for the budget. The front camera also gives better performance in daylight. You can also shoot short videos, time-lapse, slow motion, pro, and portrait also… Battery performance REDMI NOTE 10 was designed with a 5000mAh battery with 33W fast charging. It takes minimum 70 minutes to charge 100%. The customer who uses only for streaming purpose can get 24 hours charging. And for heavy gaming around 6 hours.

It has more than 10 to 15 custom images, and they provided us pre-applied screen card and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.   

The similarity between REDMI NOTE 10 and REDMI NOTE 10 pro

The only difference between this is the battery. REDMI NOTE 10 was designed with a 5020MAH battery.  

Design of the mobile 

You can see a primary speaker on the bottom right side and primary speaker on left side with 3.5 mm headphone jack. And type c port charging was embedded in the middle of the speakers and headphones jack. On the top, you can find the secondary speaker and secondary mic. Coming to right side of the mobile you can find the volume button + and -, and power + fingerprint both were placed in the same button. And accuracy of this fingerprint was 100% well, But coming to the speed it shows some delay. On the left side, you can see a 2+1 sim card and SD slot. 


What’s in the box 

The first side of the box had its brand “India’s NO.1” smartphone brand. Made in India. First you will have a mobile packed in plastic cover. Then you will have a silicon case packed in plastic cover, and 33W fast charging with type c cable. Back of the box, you can find some information about the mobile       

Cost - The cost varies between these two products. The cost of REDMI NOTE 10 with 4 GB ram with 64 GB storage was 11,999 rupees and REDMI NOTE 10 6 GB ram with 128 GB storage was 13,999.

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