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Redmi Book 15 Pro Loptop Vs Realme Book Slim Loptop

 Redmi Book 15 Pro Loptop Vs Realme Book Slim Loptop


This pandemic result in the demand for laptops as more students are using laptops for their online classes and software employees are also using laptops for their work from home. So there is no shortage for laptops. Day-by-day new laptops are emerging to the market. Recently two new phone maker companies introduced their laptops into this market. They are Redmi and Realme. But people have little confusion over choosing the best of these two. If you are looking to buy the best laptop among these laptops, then this post will definitely help you to pick up the right one for your usage. Therefore Let’s have a look at both laptops.


   Realme book slim


Redmi book 15 pro 

Design comparison:

Talking about Redmi book 15 pro, it has good weight distribution. Its weights around 1.8kg. It’s body is made up of polycarbonate design. It has thickness of19.9mm. On the other hand, Realme book slim has 1.38kg. it is very light weight with a thickness of 14.9mm. It’s body is made up of aluminium. Realme book slim has good premiums and it has low weight and low thickness compared to Redmi book 15 pro.


Redmi book 15 pro features 15.6 inch FHD display. It provides high saturation and vibrant colors. Realme book slim has 2K display. we get 2:3 ratio in it. The amazing thing in Realme book slim is that, it has very different and unique display compared to other laptops. Because here Realme book slim supports 100% SRGB color gamut, 90% screen to body ratio. In display qualities realme book slim has little edge over Redmi book 15 pro. But both laptop’s displays have their own advantages


Performance has to be every powerful in any device. In any laptop the important criteria is it’s performance. Both Redmi book 15 pro and Realme book slim doesn’t have much difference in their performance. Redmi consists of 11th Gen intel core i5- 11300 which gives very good performance. Realme book slim also powered by 11th Gen intel core i5-1115G7 processor. For general utility both laptops brings good performance but in gaming, realme book slim has more importance then Redmi Book 15 pro.

Storage capacity:

 Both laptops have same storage capacity i.e., 8GB and 512GB. But there is slight difference in their RAM capacity.

   Redmi book 15 pro consists of 8GB of RAM but there is no upgrade option which means it isn’t expandable but it has frequency of 3200MHZ.

     Even Realme book slim also had 8GB of RAM and it can’t be  expandable further. But it has a frequency of 4266MHZ which is higher than the Redmi  book 15 pro.

So Realme has faster RAM processing speed as compared to Redmi book 15 pro. However both laptops have same 512GB SSD.

Battery capacity and Battery performance:

Both realme book slim and redmi book 15 pro have bigger batteries with 68 watt power adaptor.

Realme book slim features 54wh battery and its battery backup is upto 11hours of video playback. It has a 65watt USB-C power adaptor.

  Redmi book pro 15 has 46wh battery and it gives 10 hours battery backup. It uses 65w power adopter. Also both laptops have Microsoft office services at free of cost.



Realme book slim provides thunderbolt port and type c USB port which are absent in Redmi book 15 pro. It also have 3.5mm microphone + headphone jack.

Redmi book 15 pro consists of LAN port and SD Card reader with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Connectivity and network:

In Realme book slim we get wi-fi -6. And it also supports Bluetooth 5.2. while Redmi book 15 pro has wi-fi-5 support and Bluetooth 5.0 support.

Additional features:

Realme book slim has backlit keyboard whereas Redmi book 15 pro doesn’t have backlit keyboard.

Realme book slim attracts with it fingerprint scanner but Redmi book 15 pro doesn’t have fingerprint scanner.

Both Realme book slim and Redmi book 15 pro comes with web cams and dual speakers

Redmi book 15 pro comes with only one color i.e., Charcoal gray while Realme gives two colors and they are real gray and very attractive real blue.



Redmi book 15 pro offers a price of 49,999rs while Realme book slim price is under rs.54,999. However there is some discount on both laptops using HDFC card which are available at Flipkart and Amazon.


Overall comparison of Redmi book 15 and realme book slim


Realme book slim

Redmi book 15 pro

Made up of




11th Gen

Intel core i5-1115G7 processor

11th Gen

Intel core i5-11300H processor










14 inch 2k



15.6 inch FHD (1920*1080)


Battery and life

54wh battery upto 11 hours of video playback

65w USB-C power adaptor

46wh battery upto 1o hours of battery life.

65w power adaptor 


Bluetooth 5.2

Wi-fi -6

Bluetooth 5.0



1x Thunder bolt


1xUSB-C 3.2

3.5mm headphone jack                   


1x USB 2.0

2X USB 3.0

RJ45 LAN port

3.5mm headphone jack

Extra features

Backlit keyboard (3-level)

Finger print scanner available

No backlit keyboard

No finger print scanner


Real gray and real blue

Charcoal gray

Weight and thickness





Graphics card

Intel UHD graphics

Intel UHD graphics


Rs. 54,999

Rs. 49,999


1 year onsite warranty

1 year warranty


2x2w stereo speakers

Dual HARMAN speakers

Operating system

Windows 10

Windows 10



Both the laptops are almost similar with very minute differences. By considering only little price change we have to choose the best one. Realme book slim is the best choice in terms of it’s premiumness. So it is very good to go with Realme slim book laptop. Because it has good stereo speakers and a good quality of 2K Display. In addition with that it has two extra ports such as Thunder bolt port and type c USB.

 However Redmi book 15 pro also have it’s own advantages such as its cost is lower than Redmi. And Redmi 15 pro features faster intel core i5-11300H processor than Realme book processor.






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