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Top 5 Best Watches in India 2021

Top 5 best watches in India 2021

Whenever we talk about style, the first thing that comes into our mind is watches. The amazing accessories that make you more attractive are watches. A good-looking watch gives you a classic and stylish look. Wearing a watch ensures that your outfit is perfectly fine. Wearing a beautiful watch on special events or occasions gives elegance to your presence. Watches can be a good choice to present as a gift.

    Watches may available at different price ranges like 500 to 1000 or 5000 to 10000 or 10000 to 15000 etc., watches can be in different designs different colors and made with different materials.

     There are many amazing watch brands in the market. As the watches are most selling accessories. It is always very difficult to find the best watch from many beautiful watches. 

   Therefore this post will definitely help you to find your lovable watch which suits you the best. Whenever we are selecting a watch some considerations should be taken into accounts such as pricing, quality, and its purpose. So let's have look at the best watches. They are:








Titan is a very famous watch brand in India. The more special thing is that it is an Indian brand. Titan brand is the collaboration between the TATA group and Tamilnadu industrial development. It is established in 1984. 

    Titan watches produces different kinds of watches for men, women, and children. These watches can be available in different types of dial shapes, colors, and strap colors. 

It produces different types of watches like Analog, Chronograph, digital, and Analog-digital. Its price range may starts from 1000rs.

    The company provides a standard cover box for the watches which includes three things. One is the watch, the second is the user manual and the third is the warranty card. It has a very amazing collection of watches which always tempts the buyers with its mind-blowing designs and performance. Titan has its market in over 37 countries around the world.

        But titan watches are not completely waterproof and also one of the type watches which titan smartwatch got less priority from its buyers. In addition to that titan has huge competition from some Chinese watch companies which sell their watches at very cheaper price ranges.

Advantages of Titan watch brand:

Titan watches have good designs with great quality. As Titan watches are available in different price segments, so all kinds of people will show interest in buying watches titan.

Titan has very good distribution and it provides amazing margin to dealers. 

Its performance and brand image will impress the buyers. 

The most interesting thing is Titan quality meets with international brands because it has its market share all over the world. 

Titan requires less maintenance I.e., fewer repairs.

It gained a lot of trust from its buyers by providing a warranty period.



Casio is also a very familiar brand to watch lovers. Casio is a Japanese brand. As it is a Japanese brand is never compromised in the technology used in the watches. This brand always impresses buyers with the advanced technology of watches.

  Buying Casio means you are getting a good quality watch at cheaper prices. It has a collection of any kind of watch. One of them is Casio analog black dial men’s watch.

It is in a round shape. Its dial color is black and the band color is silver. As the name indicates its display type is analog. Its diameter is around 43.5mm. Its glass material is made up of minerals. In addition that it has a water resistance depth of 50 meters. It is available in many online shopping portals. Middle-class men will be able to buy this kind of Casio. But it has a lot of competition from other brands too.


This watch includes high technology.

It has its trademark in more than 180 countries.

Casio designed the first LCD watch with a full auto-calendar and it has a good brand image.




Timex watches always ensure that buyers can get very good quality and stylish watches at a very affordable cost. Timex is an American brand. Timex has had its brand for over 100 years. Timex watches are known for their design simplicity. 

Timex is established in the year 1854 as the waterburg clock. Firstly it is used to produce pocket watches later it started producing wristwatches.

Mickey mouse watches are the best choice for Timex watches. Timex collaborated with Disney and produced a mickey mouse watch which got a lot of popularity and brought good profits for the company.

Timex usually produces affordable, advanced technology and simplistic watch which always seems fantastic.

Many people think or assume that if the cost is high then the quality of the watch is good. But Timex has proven it wrong. Because timex provides good quality watches at lower prices. All kinds of people like children, youngsters and old people can wear these watches. It has a good collection of watches. The different brands of Timex are ferragama, GC, Guess, Timex, Nautica, and versus. The main threat for Timex watches is there are many fake brands coming with the name of timex which will affect the Timex brand very badly.

Advantages of Timex watch: 

Timex has a huge market in the Asia region. It has a very good brand image.

Timex always produces long-lasting watches which are very durable.

The amazing thing about Timex watches buyers are able to customize watches with their style.



It is established in 1998. Mostly teenagers and young people will like this brand. It has a very refreshing design. It produces watches for men, women, and children. Its price range starts from 500. Titan is the parent brand of Fastrack. 

       It is available in many online shopping portals. It always matches your outfits. It gives you an elegant look. This Fastrack brand produces a good collection of women's watches which are very impressive. You can get the best watches at a reasonable price. This brand has budget-friendly with good material. They are durable. 

This brand's main target is youth. Indian teenagers always have their love for Fastrack. Fastrack is the best choice to gift your younger brother or any teen. Fastrack watches have a sporty designs. These watches have a leather strap and are made up of stainless steel. It produces colorful watches for girls. In Fastrack, you will get the cheap and best watch.



It is an American brand. It is established in the year of 1984. Fossil has a huge impact overwatch industry. It compromises misfit, Denmark, zodiac, and fossil watches. Fossil is one of the best brands in India. It has a moderate price range and gorgeous designs. The interesting thing about this watch brand is it gives stylish look when we wear it on our hands. it has its presence in over 150 countries.

It has a number of series, some of them are townsman, the machine, the minimalist, neutral, and many other. It produces different types of watches like analog, digital, or smartwatches.

    Its price range is maybe around 6000. It has a good collection for men and women. Chronograph watches are best-selling watches of fossils. It also produces waterproof watches. The present focus of these watches is on smartwatches. The biggest asset of this brand is its vintage and classic collection.

Overall conclusion:

  I hope this article gives a clear understanding of the different types of watches. Whenever you wanted to buy a watch you should consider budget, quality, and its pros.

    Among all the watch brand Titan is the best choice in India because of its Technology, its affordable prices. Other than this fossils can also be a good option.

After titan watch brand Casio has a good market share in India. Youngsters can choose the Fastrack watches because their brand target is youth. 


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