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BEST 3 BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS Under 2000Rs in 2021

BEST 3 BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS Under 2000Rs in 2021

     Bluetooth speakers technology to stream music from another device. Bluetooth technology allows the exchange of data between different devices. Bluetooth is at a high speed and power consumption is very low. It is easily upgradeable. Bluetooth does not require any cables. You can always listen to music anywhere & anytime. It is portable and compact. It is convenient for use and easy to carry anywhere. Bluetooth is easily paired with the device.

      Bluetooth speaker is not only for listening to music also used to decorate homes with stylish design. Anyone can easily connect and sync two devices. Bluetooth devices are very cheap cost. Bluetooth is adopted in many products such as headsets, car systems, printers, webcams, GPS systems, keyboards, and mouse. It has a range better than infrared communication. The maximum range of Bluetooth connection is 100 meters, but it is not the same for all devices depending upon the hardware of the device and frequency.

       There are plenty of Bluetooth speakers are available these days. Bluetooth speakers are of different colors and different shapes to match the device. Let me introduce the beat 3 Bluetooth speakers, these speakers are very best and to cheap cost under Re. 2000/-. In this way, your selection is easy to find based on the appearance and sound quality of the speakers. Here are the few best of the options…


1.   MI outdoor speakers

     Mi outdoor Bluetooth speaker model is XMYXO3WM. It is weightless its weight is 210 gm. It is mini, lightweight, and easy to hold where ever you go. Speaker diameter 4 cm. Its dimensions are length 9.1cm., width 9.1 cm., height 4.2 cm. Bluetooth profiles are HFP, AZDP, AVRCP. Wireless connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 dual-mode is available. The Mi outdoor Bluetooth speaker is compact and water-resistant.

    The product name of Mi outdoor, here outdoor meant speakers use outdoor also. Speakers work with voice assistant access to your favorite voice from your speakers with a simple touch of a button. Call function is also available to this speaker with the use of a button to answer or end a call with high signal-to-noise clear calls. The capability of Bluetooth speakers is ios and Android. Voltage is 1.0V-10V(DC).

     The top half of the speaker is mesh design, it looks really cool and the lower half is rubberized to make sure the speaker does not slip from hand. The speaker features the power play or pause button on the left side and volume up and volume down buttons are on the right side of the speaker. Micro USB charging port 3.5mm audio jack is hidden below a rubber cap at the bottom of the speaker.



·       Sound :

The mi outdoor Bluetooth speakers enhance the low-frequency sound effects, bringing perfect sound and great sound quality. It gives crystal clear music with dynamic sound effects. The sound quality is too pleasuring to the ears. Its frequency response is 20-20kHz.

     The audio quality of these speakers is good. This is doesn’t require any installation of the speakers. It has a vivid sound frequency, long fiber vibration with a perfect damping system that vibrations for natural sound. It gives a decent sound and is loud.

·       Battery :

Bluetooth has a big battery for such a small speaker. It is equipped with a large 2000mAh high capacity battery, the speakers can support up to 20 hours of uninterrupted music. It gives 5W power output. A full day of backup with just 3 hours of fully charging.



·       Specifications:


Product name:   Mi outdoor Bluetooth speakers

Brand:   MI

Model:    XMYXO3WM

Battery :   2000mAh

Warranty:   6 months

Version:    BT 5.0 dual mode


     Finally the device Mi Bluetooth speakers look and feel premium the sound quality is good and battery backup is grate Mi Bluetooth speakers available for Rs. 1,399. Good design and build quality.

2.   Philips-BT51 :



     Take your tunes out with the Philips BT51 Bluetooth speaker that fits in your hands. Simplicity in use. Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth. This compact speaker is easy to connect with the device. High-quality material. This speaker can sit on any surface. It is easy you grab the design allows holding the speaker with comfort in your hands.

     The Philips BT51 can seamlessly connect stream wirelessly songs within a range of 10 meters. The phone is 1.5 inches of full mono stereo. This speaker's dimensions are width 6.1cm, depth 6.1, and height 7.6 cm. Overall the speaker weight is 135 grams. It has power on the bottom at the down of the speaker. It has light while charging




·         Sound :

     The speaker has an impressive sound. Advanced audio performance with a compact design, anti-clipped function for loud music. It delivers crisp and clear sound quality. The musical signal goes through the amplifier and prevents audio distortion caused by clipping without affecting loudness and enjoying nonstop music.  

     Enjoy a powerful and wireless music experience with the high-performance Philips up Beat BT51 of portable Bluetooth speaker. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect very easily to pair another device.





·       Battery :

      Philips BT51 Bluetooth multimedia speakers have a lithium polymer type of battery. Its built-in rechargeable battery for music playback anywhere. Don’t worry about the charge when you are carrying this device out as this speaker has playtime for up to 6 hours on a single charge that takes up to 3 hours to fully charge.

     These speakers keep to music loud and clear even when the battery is low due to its built-in anti-clipping function. It accepts a range of input signals from 300mV to 1000mV and keeps your speaker safe from damage by distraction.


·       Specifications :

     Model                     :    BT51

     Brand                      :     Philips

     Charging time       :     3 hrs

     Weight                   :     135 gms

      Play time              :     6 hrs.

      Output power     :    2W

     Battery type         :     lithium polymer



     The device Philips BT51 has a 1-year warranty. It has an impressive sound. Advanced audio performance with a compact design of anti-clipping function for loud music comes at the cost of Rs. 1,099. It comes with a USB cable for charging. Overall the Philips BT51 was the best choice to select.




3.   Boat Stone- 650 



     The Boat stone 650 is surrounded by smooth secure silicon coated on the outside and a diamond-gridded mesh. It breaks the balance with the ipX5 rated boat stone 650. the dynamic speaker is 2inches. The speaker optimum wireless experience. The device speaker's Bluetooth range is 10 W. This speaker packs a punch, blended with the deep waves of versatility the speaker features is dual driver setup with a 5W speaker to stereo setup. A

     Signal noise ratio 65 dB. The boat stone is a sleek and exquisite IPX5 design. The speaker is water and dust-resistant. This is a wire and wireless Bluetooth version 4.2. It has 3 colors that are black, navy blue and red color. The phone's weight is 655 gms, and its dimensions are 19X70X70mm. The speaker has a power-on button, volume up and volume down buttons.

     The Bluetooth stone 650 uses Bluetooth 4.2, with support for AZDP, AVRCP, and HFP. This is has a microphone on the device. The boat stone 650 for hands-free voice calls. Buttons and controls on the side of the speaker. It controls playback without needing to reach the paired smartphone every time.


·       Sound :


     The speaker gives a dynamic and premium audio experience. The Bluetooth 5.0 wireless experience can switch into aux mode at the stereo sound. The best part is the flow of music with simplicity. It has high fidelity stereo sound. You can take it anywhere to go with a wonderful sound effect. It gives a smooth and loud sound.


·       Battery :

     Stone 650 has a massive battery capacity of 1800mAh, a charging time of 2-2.5 hours, and playtime of 7 hours. It has a lithium battery and multiple connectivity options the device is charged through its micro USB cable. The device takes 3.5 hours to fully charge.




·       Specifications :


Speaker type:   stereo

Battery capacity:   1800mAh

Brand:    Boat

Model name:    stone

Special features:    subwoofer

Configuration:    stereo dual

Battery range:     10 M

Version:     V5. 0

Battery:      7 hours

Rating:     IPX5

Warranty:     1 year


      The Boat stone  650 is a good speaker it gives an awesome sound experience. It is available for Rs. 1,799/. It has a 1-year warranty.



·       Conclusion :  


         Apart from all the above Bluetooth speakers mentioned their features and specifications are very good. You can also find these speakers cheaper at Rs. 2000/. They are convenient options to use. The speakers are sleek, covered, edgy along with many trendy designs. You can find them in different colors to match your device.

         Bluetooth speakers become very popular over the past few years. Bluetooth technology is easy and portable a good Bluetooth should be small with long battery life. I have prepared this based on ratings, feedback, features, and specifications. You can easily make your selection based on the appearance and sound quality of the speakers.


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