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Best Room heaters in India in 2021

 Best Room heaters in India in 2021


This winter resulted in chilling weather. So there is a need to keep you warm. Even though you use woolen clothes, room heaters are the best solution for this winter which keeps your home and office warm. There are various types of room heaters available in India. It is a little confusing thing for you to install which kind of room heater for your home. Then after reading this article you will definitely end up choosing the best room heater according to requirements. I hope this article will definitely help you out to choose the best room heater at a reasonable cost. So let’s have a look at them….


  Before buying any room heater we need to consider some features and specifications some of them are :

Number of heating elements: You should choose the room heater with more number of heating elements. When there are more heating elements then it will heat the room very fast.

Temperature setting: It is always better to go for a room heater with more different settings so that you can change the temperature according to your room's climate condition. Avoid buying a room heater with one or two options for heat settings.

Power cut feature: Whatever the room heater it should definitely save the electricity bill. So the room heater should be able to disconnect the power when the room is warm so that we can save our electricity bills

Watts: Choose the room heater with the best wattage ratings.

Cost: go for a room heater at a reasonable cost that meets your requirements.

Durability: Any electrical appliance should have good durability. It should have long-lasting life. So buy a room heater with a high warranty period.

Talking about heaters, there are different categories of room heaters such as fan heaters, radiant heaters, and heat convectors.

1) Radiant heaters:

The room heaters that fall under this category will not have fans, so it will not make noise but it emits bright light which is not suitable for a bedroom. This heater will use halogen rods which heat the cold air. But it will not heat the whole room. So let’s dive into different radiant type room heaters.

1.   Glen Halogen heater 7018:

Glen Halogen is one of the best radiant type room heaters. Its cost may around 2000rs. It has 3 heat setting options such as 400 watts, 800 watts, and 1200 watts. According to your room condition, you can change the heat setting. One of the interesting features of it is its safety mesh which provides more safety. And it is a portable room heater you can carry wherever you want around your home. It has a safety tip-over switch to shut down it. It 8s available in many online shopping portals like Amazon. It has an auto revolving fan.


Brand: GLEN

Heat settings: 3

Color: black

Auto – revolving heater: yes

Power indicator: no

Tip-over switch: yes

Touch sensor: no

Warranty: 1 year

Maximum power consumption: 1200 watts.


·       Noiseless operation

·       It has a tip-over switch

·       It provides overheat protection


       ·       It emits more light which makes it too bright.

       ·       There is no power indicator.

       ·       Absence of touch sensor.

2.  2) Maharaja whiteline lava:

Maharaja Whiteline lava is one of the popular radiant type room heaters. It provides heating up to 150 square feet of room. Same as Glen Halogen heater 7018, it also has 3 heat setting options. It has three halogen rods. This heater rotation is around 180 degrees. It is available in two different colors such as red and white colors.


Brand : Maharaja Whiteline

Colour: white and red

Heating method: radiant

Warranty: 2 years

Power: 1200 watts



·       It is meant for spot heating

·       It is shockproof

·       ISI certified

·       It is very convenient and efficient

·       3 heat setting options


·       It will not provide whole room heating

·       No touch sensor

·       Too much bright.

Fan heaters

Fan heaters are mostly available at affordable prices. So the fan heaters are the most commonly used room heaters in India. It can warm the whole room by blowing the heat around the room with a fan. It consists of a heating coil that creates the heat and the heat is spread by the fan. It is portable which makes it to carry anywhere easily. So let’s see the different heaters under this category.

Orpat OEH-1220

Orpat brand is well known for its electrical appliances. Orpat OEH -1220 is the best-selling heater in India. Its prices range is from 1400 to 1500rs. But it includes only two heat setting options. It is compatible with a room having 250 square feet. The interesting feature is it has thermal cut-off and safety cut-off which adds many advantages which save our electricity bills. This heater can be used as a table fan. It is made up of plastic and metal. It consists of a safety mesh grill. It has pure copper wire motor.

Specifications :

Brand: ORPAT

Model number: OEH-1220

Type: fan

Heating element: PTC heating element

Heat ratings: 1000w , 2000w

Number of heat settings: 2



·        It does not provide light so it is best suited for bedrooms.

·       It will make the entire room warm.

·       It has to overheat protection.

·       Its power cut features save money.


·       It is not an auto revolving heater.

·       There is no remote control.

·       No tip-over switch.

3. singer heater blow:

    Singer heater blow is also similar to Orpat OEH 1220. It consists of two heating options. So that you can choose the setting according to your temperature. It comes with a vertical or horizontal standing design. Its price range is around 1500rs. It is available in online shopping portals such as Amazon and Flipkart. It includes built-in thermal cut-off features which disconnect the supply when the desired temperature is reached. Its power consumption Is up to 2000 watts. It comes with a handle which makes it easy to carry.


Brand: singer

Model name: heat blow

Heat settings : 2 ( 1000w , 2000w)

Color: white

Auto – revolving heater: no

Overheat protection: yes

Maximum power consumption: 2000w


·        It has one year warranty

·       It has thermal cut off features

·       It has a handle which makes it easy to carry.


·       It is not an auto revolving heater

·       There is no tip-over switch.


I hope this article gives you a clear view of room heaters. To simplify more you can choose Glen Halogen heater whenever you want the noiseless operation. And it has different heat settings. If you want to choose a room heater for the bedroom then go for Orpat OEH or singer heater blow. Finally, among these, all heaters choose the best heater which matches your requirements.







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