Tuesday, January 4, 2022

What is Sim and ESim? | Difference between Sim and ESim in 2022

 eSIM vs SIM card

There is no mobile phone without a sim card. Without network connectivity, we can’t use a mobile. Nowadays internet has also become a necessity like food, water, and oxygen. But most of you will definitely get frustrated when you have poor internet connectivity. And also sometimes whenever you travel some other place you will lose you network and to switch or change to other networks, it really takes a lot of time. Sometimes in remote places, you couldn’t find all kinds of networks. But the new technology has a perfect solution for these problems. That is eSIM. This is going to be a new era of SIM technology. But eSIM also has some advantages. But I know many of you are getting confused to buy a mobile with eSIM or a traditional SIMcard. Let’s compare both eSIM and SIM cards. I can surely say that this article will definitely put a full stop to your confusion. Let’s have a look……

All about eSIM:

As most of you already know about SIM Card, we start with eSIM.

eSIM: It is a built-in SIM card that is similar to a traditional SIM card but it can not be inserted or removed from your mobile. Through this eSIM, you can switch with any network with any data plan according to your convenience.

eSIM is used in many devices other than mobile phones


eSIM can be used in many other devices like smartwatches and laptops. The main reason behind it is the eSIM size is 3 times smaller than the nano-SIM card. This feature makes it compatible with any device. One of the current smartwatches that support the eSIM is the AppleWatch series 6.eSIM is available in iOS as well as Android.


Pros of eSIM:

Size: The biggest advantage of eSIM it’s size. It is very small in size which provides space for other components. It also provides space for a bigger battery

Switching networks: Unlike the traditional SIM card we can change the different networks when we are in different locations according to the available network. It is one of the best choices for travelers.

No physical damage: As it is completely embedded in the mobile phone it can not be damaged physically.

Secure: It can not be hacked easily. It is very safe and secure to use eSIM.

Much cellular profile: As you can switch between many networks. Every profile will be stored.

Easily located: As eSIM providers can control eSIM remotely. It is easy to find a Mobile phone whenever you lost or someone has stolen it.

Cons of the eSIM:

Not removable:eSIM can not be removable so you can not use a single sim in two different mobiles. It is the biggest disadvantage of eSIM.

Data transfer: As we can not insert the sim into another mobile, it is difficult to transfer your data when your mobile is dead. You should download your data from the cloud which is a little difficult.


A Sim card is used to connect the network to a mobile phone. As it is for many years. Everyone is more familiar with SIM cards. Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of SIM cards.


·       It is removable so you can insert it on any other mobile whenever you want.

·       As it is removable the data transfer is very much is easy.

·       It is very easy to find whenever there is a network issue.


·       We can not change to the different network instantly.

·       It takes a lot of time to change the sim network.

·       It can be physically damaged


As both eSIM and SIM, the card has its own advantages and disadvantages.SIM card is more useful when you have to transfer the data frequently. But whenever your support dual sim then goes for eSIM. If you are a traveler and living in remote areas then eSIM is the perfect solution for you. A SIM card and esim with dual sim is the best choice. I hope this article will help you to choose SIM or eSIM.





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